Bearing assembly process needs attention?

July 12, 2017

Latest company news about Bearing assembly process needs attention?

Bearing assembly process has been a part of that we need to pay attention, because the link is the last link assembly bearing production, we should be more understanding of the bearing assembly process and pay attention, can not be sloppy, let's take a closer look.


Process card already set out to complete each bearing bearing assembly processes. For each bearing process, but also needed to develop appropriate work instructions to regulate the operation. This is to improve processing efficiency, reduce equipment failure rates, and can ensure product quality, but also the need for safety in production and civilized production.


For example, the bearing retainer riveting process, you can prepare operating instructions. Bearing the name of the operating instructions in the book to illustrate this process (including the task), this part of the state of the process before and after processing, after processing to achieve what bearing requirements, what station equipment and the like. Then press bearing equipment specified steps, the device first dry run. How depressing punch stroke adjustment, which questions the process equipment operation attention, pressure parts, but also on the first piece inspection requirements and make specific provisions. Finally, the step of caulking the cage will be described, the lower mold of the mold assembly of the bearing in the bearing of a Move Left-hand edge of the table and bearing the inverted lower die and the lower die on the uranium bearing bench press, wear the mold, the mold newspaper bearing assembly into the lower punch presses, presses his hands withdrawal foot steering mechanism, the punch reciprocating action is completed, all the rivets out of the mold riveting from the press punch, but remove the upper mold, and the visual inspection of the bearings removed, the next cycle.


It can be seen, according to the technical requirements of bearing products, from assembly to finished product storage library, the entire assembly process, process personnel bearings require careful and meticulous planning, organization, implementation and results verification, everyone involved must duties.

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