Rolling rolling friction and sliding friction occurs

July 12, 2017

Latest company news about Rolling rolling friction and sliding friction occurs

Rolling rolling friction and sliding friction will occur: the main part of the friction occurs along power: Power off contact between Mai Chau roll, roll off and maintain contact between the surface of the cage pocket, holder and will take along between the edge and the Court guidance roller end trouble between the pin and sleeve edges Court guidance, etc., governing dynamic bearing presence of a small sliding friction can be avoided to the bearing parts.


Hardness is an important indicator of rolling bearings, which contact with the material fatigue strength, wear what, the first elastic limit has a close relationship since the rule take affect dynamic bearing right sweet, soft, according to his degree usually bear the load bearing female mode and size, the overall size and the thickness of the bearing to decide. Scroll matter seeking N fierce hardness of steel to fit, extraordinary or too small will affect bearing life is well known, the rolling bearing azelaic To contact fatigue failure mode is mouth destroyed, and 6l stability in poor or lower precision bearings wear parts Li Jiao loss ; military items such as interest bearing certain lack of toughness, when evaluated by comparing people rushed accounting charge will cut hair at first glance due to brittle fracture caused by the destruction of the bearing: So, to be determined according to the specific circumstances of the bearing and manner of bearing damage hardness in the brake off due to fatigue or wear military member errand bearing the bearing failure should be used in good precision high hardness; to withstand greater impact load bearing (eg rolling bearings, railway bearings, Automotive bearings, etc.), should be forced when the hardness is reduced to improve the toughness of the bearing points is necessary.

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