What coupling transmission accuracy and working environment?

July 12, 2017

Latest company news about What coupling transmission accuracy and working environment?

A.the coupling of transmission accuracy


(a)Transmission precision coupling is one of the important conditions for selection. Couplings used to transmit motion-based or small torque shaft drive shaft drive, the drive at a moderate level of accuracy requirements, the user can choose to non-metallic materials such as rubber elastic element as flexible linking coupling.


(b)High transmission precision diaphragm couplings, shaft drive is more suitable for high torque and power transmission in. This transmission requires a very high accuracy, can adapt to the driving shaft couplings require higher speeds, so the metal material and the flexible coupling flexible coupling with movable elements are not suitable for such work.


B.the coupling of the working environment


(a)Due to the coupling wide range of applications, it is possible to apply to a variety of complex work environment. For example, temperature, humidity, steam, dust, radiation and other working conditions, in addition to the coupling may also be exposed to oil, acid and alkali solutions, corrosive and other chemical substances, which requires the selection of fully taken into account when the coupling environmental impact.

(b)the coupling of the elastic element fabrication materials are generally rubber or metal, in the coupling needs to operate at high temperature, acid, corrosive environment, we should try to avoid selecting rubber-elastic coupling element material , and the choice of metal for the elastic element to the material of the coupling. For example, diaphragm couplings, serpentine spring couplings.

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