NTN 7311BL1G Spindle Machine 7311 BL1G Angular Contact Ball Bearings

NTN 7311BL1G Spindle Machine 7311 BL1G Angular Contact Ball Bearings
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angular contact thrust bearing


thin section angular contact bearings

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: MONTON
Certification: ISO9001
Model Number: 7311BL1G
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: Singlebox
Delivery Time: 7-35 days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 10000PCS/WEEK
Product Description


Product description


angular contact ball bearings are designed for combination radial and axial loading. Single- Row bearings have high thrust capacity in one direction. Some single- Row bearings are specifically designed for duplex mounting in sets for maximum performance. Double- Row Conrad bearings can accommodate thrust in both directions.


Angular Contact Ball Bearing


1) Automobile steering gear bearings
2) Little start-up moment and agile rotation
3) Applicable to various mini automobiles
4) Main specification range:
a) Inner diameter: 10 ~ 80mm
b) Outer diameter: 32 ~ 150mm
c) Width: 10 ~ 50mm


7000C 7006C 7012C 7018C 7024CDB 7200CDF 7203A5DP QJ206 7210AW
7000CDB 7006CDB 7012CDB 7018CDB 7024CDF 7200CDT 7203B 7207CDB 7210A5
7000CDF 7006CDF 7012CDF 7018CDF 7024CDT 7200AW 7203BDB 7207CDF 7210A5DB
7000CDT 7006CDT 7012CDT 7018CDT 7024AW 7200A5 7203BDF 7207CDT 7210A5DF
7000AW 7006AW 7012AW 7018AW 7024ADB 7200A5DB 7203BDT 7207AW 7210A5DT
7000A5DB 7006A5DB 7012A5DB 7018A5DB 7024A5DF 7200A5DF 5203 7207A5 7210B
7000A5DF 7006A5DF 7012A5DF 7018A5DF 7024A5DF 7500A5DT 7204C 7207A5DB 7210BDB
7000A5DT 7005A5DT 7012A5DT 7018A5DT 7024A5DT 7200B 7204CDB 7207A5DF 7210BDF
7001C 7007C 7013C 7019C 7026CDB 7200BDB 7204CDF 7207A5DT 7210BDT
7001CDB 7007CDB 7013CDB 7019CDB 7026CDF 7200BDF 7204CDT 7207BDB 5210
7001CDF 7007CDF 7013CDF 7019CDF 7026CDT 7200BDT 7204AW 7207B QJ210
7001CDT 7007CDT 7013CDT 7019CDT 7026AW 5200 7204A5 7207BDF 7211C
7001AW 7007AW 7013AW 7019AW 7026ADB 7201C 7204A5DB 7207BDT 7211CDB
7001A5DB 7007A5DB 7013A5DB 7019A5DB 7026A5DF 7201CDB 7205A5DF 5207 7211CDF
7001A5DF 7007A5DF 7013A5DF 7019A5DF 7026A5DT 7201CDF 7204A5DT QJ207 7211CDT
7001A5DT 7007A5DT 7013A5DT 7019A5DT 7028CDB 7201CDT 7204B 7208C 7211AW
7002C 7008C 7014C 7020C 7028CDF 7201AW 7204BDB 7208CDB 7211A5
7002CDB 7008ACDB 7014CDB 7020CDB 7028CDT 7201A5 7204BDF 7208CDF 7211A5DB
7002CDF 7008CDF 7014CDF 7020CDF 7028AW 7201A5DB 7204BDT 7208CDT 7211A5DF
7002CDT 7008CDT 7014CDT 7020CDT 7028ADB 7201A5DF 5204 7208AW 7211A5DT
7002AW 7008AW 7014AW 7020AW 7030CDB 7201A5DT 7205C 7208A5 7211B
7002A5DB 7008A5DB 7014A5DB 7020A5DB 7030CDF 7201B 7205CDB 7208A5DB 7211BDB
7002A5DF 7008A5DF 7014A5DF 7020A5DF 7030CDT 7201BDB 7205CDF 7208A5DF 7211BDF
7002A5DT 7008A5DT 7014A5DT 7020A5DT 7030AW 7201BDF 7205CDT 7208A5DT 7211BDT
7003C 7009C 7015C 7021C 7030ADB 7201BDT 7205AW 7208B 5211
7003CDB 7009CDB 7015CDB 7021CDB 7032CDB 5201 7205A5DF 7208BDB 7212C
7003CDF 7009CDF 7015CDF 7021CDF 7032CDF 7202C 7205A5DB 7208BDF 7212CDB
7003CDT 7009CDT 7015CDT 7021CDT 7032CDT 7202CDB 7205A5DF 7208BDT 7212CDF
7003AW 7009AW 7015AW 7021AW 7032AW 7202CDF 7205A5DT 5208 7212CDT
7003A5DB 7009A5DB 7015A5DB 7021A5DB 7032ADB 7202CDT 7205B QJ208 7212AW
7003A5DF 7009A5DF 7015A5DF 7021A5DF 7034CDB 7202AW 7205BDB 7209C 7212A5
7003A5DT 7009A5DT 7015A5DT 7021A5DT 7034CDF 7202A5 7205BDF 7209CDB 7212A5DB
7004C 7010C 7016C 7021C 7034CDT 7205A5DB 7205BDT 7209CDF 7212A5DF
7004CDB 7010CDB 7016CDB 7021CDB 7034AW 7205A5DF 5202 7209CDT 7212A5DT
7004CDF 7010CDF 7016CDF 7021CDF 7034ADB 7202A5DT 7206C 7209AW 7212B
7004CDT 7010CDT 7016CDT 7021CDT 7036CDB 7202B 7206CDB 7209A5 7212BDB
7004AW 7010AW 7016AW 7021AW 7036CDF 7202BDB 7206CDF 7209A5DB 7212BDF
7004A5DB 7010A5DB 7016A5DB 7021A5DB 7036CDT 7202BDF 7206CDT 7209A5DF 7212BDT
7004A5DF 7010A5DF 7016A5DF 7021A5DF 7036AW 7202BDT 7206AW 7209A5DT 5212
7005A5DT 7010A5DT 7016A5DT 7021A5DT 7038CDB 5202 7206A5 7209B QJ212
7005C 7011C 7017C 7022C 7038CDF 7203C 7206A5DB 7209BDF 7213C
7005CDB 7011CDB 7017CDB 7022CDB 7038CDT 7203CDB 7206A5DF 7209BDT 7213CDB
7005CDF 7011CDF 7017CDF 7022CDF 7038AW 7203CDF


NTN 7311BL1G Spindle Machine 7311 BL1G Angular Contact Ball Bearings 0


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