7207-B-2RS-TVP 35x72x17 mm High Precision P4 grade Angular Contact Ball bearing for machine tool spindle

7207-B-2RS-TVP 35x72x17 mm High Precision P4 grade Angular Contact Ball bearing for machine tool spindle
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Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: MONTON
Certification: ISO9001
Model Number: 7207-B-2RS-TVP
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: Singlebox
Delivery Time: 7-35 days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 10000PCS/WEEK
Product Description


7207-B-2RS-TVP 35x72x17 mm High Precision P4 grade Angular Contact Ball bearing for machine tool spindle 0

B-2RS-TVP - 40° contact angle, rubber seals on both sides, glass fibre reinforced polyamide cage
Angular Contact bearings are designed to accommodate a combination of both radial and axial loads. The ratio of radial to axial load capacity is achieved by varying the contact angle of the bearing. The most popular angular contact bearings are the 40 degree 7200B and 7300B series

Angular contact ball bearings have raceways in the inner and outer rings which are displaced with respect to each other in the direction of the bearings axis. This means that they are suitable for combined loads both radial and axial. They provide a rigid bearing arrangement and accommodate tilting moments well.

Bearings with the suffix 2RS have lip seals on both sides. Due to their good sealing action, they are suitable for use in dusty, contaminated or damp environments.

d: 35mm
D: 72mm
B: 17mm
a: 31mm
D1: 57,6mm
D2: 60,2mm
D3: 66,5mm
Da max: 65mm
Db max: 67,8mm
d2: 45,8mm
da min: 42mm
r1 min: 0,6mm
ra max: 1mm
ra1 max: 0,6mm
r min: 1mm
Contact angle: 40 degree

Mass: 0,292 kg

Basic dynamic load rating, radial: 28000 N
Basic static load rating, radial: 19000 N
Limiting speed: 5600 1/min
Fatigue limit load, radial: 1320 N



Bearing list
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7005B.TVP 7005-B-TVP
7006B.2RS.TVP 7006-B-2RS-TVP
7006B.TVP 7006-B-TVP
7007B.2RS.TVP 7007-B-2RS-TVP
7007B.TVP 7007-B-TVP
7008B.2RS.TVP 7008-B-2RS-TVP
7008B.TVP 7008-B-TVP
71806 71806-B-TVH
71806B.TVH 71806-B-TVH
71807 71807-B-TVH
71807B.TVH 71807-B-TVH
71808 71808-B-TVH
71808B.TVH 71808-B-TVH
71809 71809-B-TVH
71809B.TVH 71809-B-TVH
71810 71810-B-TVH
71810B.TVH 71810-B-TVH
71811 71811-B-TVH
71811B.TVH 71811-B-TVH
71812 71812-B-TVH
71812B.TVH 71812-B-TVH
71813 71813-B-TVH
71813B.TVH 71813-B-TVH
71814 71814-B-TVH
71814B.TVH 71814-B-TVH
71815 71815-B-TVH
71815B.TVH 71815-B-TVH
71816 71816-B-TVH
71816B.TVH 71816-B-TVH
7200B.2RS.TVP 7200-B-2RS-TVP
7200B.JP 7200-B-JP
7200B.TVP 7200-B-TVP
7201B.2RS.TVP 7201-B-2RS-TVP
7201B.JP 7201-B-JP
7201B.TVP 7201-B-TVP
7202B.2RS.TVP 7202-B-2RS-TVP
7202B.JP 7202-B-JP
7202B.TVP 7202-B-TVP
7203B.2RS.TVP 7203-B-2RS-TVP
7203B.JP 7203-B-JP
7203B.TVP 7203-B-TVP
7204B.2RS.TVP 7204-B-2RS-TVP
7204B.JP 7204-B-JP
7204B.TVP 7204-B-TVP
7205B.2RS.TVP 7205-B-2RS-TVP
7205B.JP 7205-B-JP
7205B.TVP 7205-B-TVP
7206B.2RS.TVP 7206-B-2RS-TVP
7206B.JP 7206-B-JP
7206B.TVP 7206-B-TVP
7207B.2RS.TVP 7207-B-2RS-TVP
7207B.JP 7207-B-JP
7207B.TVP 7207-B-TVP
7208B.2RS.TVP 7208-B-2RS-TVP
7208B.JP 7208-B-JP
7208B.TVP 7208-B-TVP
7209B.JP 7209-B-JP
7209B.TVP 7209-B-TVP
7210B.2RS.TVP 7210-B-2RS-TVP
7210B.JP 7210-B-JP
7210B.TVP 7210-B-TVP
7211B.JP 7211-B-JP
7211B.TVP 7211-B-TVP
7212B.2RS.TVP 7212-B-2RS-TVP
7212B.JP 7212-B-JP
7212B.TVP 7212-B-TVP
7213B.JP 7213-B-JP
7213B.TVP 7213-B-TVP
7214B.JP 7214-B-JP
7214B.TVP 7214-B-TVP
7215B.JP 7215-B-JP
7215B.TVP 7215-B-TVP
7216B.JP 7216-B-JP
7216B.TVP 7216-B-TVP
7217B.JP 7217-B-JP
7217B.TVP 7217-B-TVP
7218B.JP 7218-B-JP
7218B.TVP 7218-B-TVP
7219B.JP 7219-B-JP
7219B.TVP 7219-B-TVP
7220B.JP 7220-B-JP
7220B.TVP 7220-B-TVP
7221B.MP 7221-B-MP
7222B.JP 7222-B-JP
7222B.TVP 7222-B-TVP
7224B.TVP 7224-B-TVP
7226B.TVP 7226-B-TVP
7228B.MP 7228-B-MP
7230B.MP 7230-B-MP
7232B.MP 7232-B-MP
7234B.MP 7234-B-MP
7301B.JP 7301-B-JP
7301B.TVP 7301-B-TVP
7302B.2RS.TVP 7302-B-2RS-TVP
7302B.JP 7302-B-JP
7302B.TVP 7302-B-TVP
7303B.2RS.TVP 7303-B-2RS-TVP
7303B.JP 7303-B-JP
7303B.TVP 7303-B-TVP
7304B.2RS.TVP 7304-B-2RS-TVP
7304B.JP 7304-B-JP
7304B.TVP 7304-B-TVP
7305B.2RS.TVP 7305-B-2RS-TVP
7305B.JP 7305-B-JP
7305B.TVP 7305-B-TVP
7306B.2RS.TVP 7306-B-2RS-TVP
7306B.JP 7306-B-JP
7306B.TVP 7306-B-TVP
7307B.2RS.TVP 7307-B-2RS-TVP
7307B.JP 7307-B-JP
7307B.TVP 7307-B-TVP
7308B.2RS.TVP 7308-B-2RS-TVP
7308B.JP 7308-B-JP
7308B.TVP 7308-B-TVP
7309B.JP 7309-B-JP
7309B.TVP 7309-B-TVP
7310B.JP 7310-B-JP
7310B.TVP 7310-B-TVP
7311B.JP 7311-B-JP
7311B.TVP 7311-B-TVP
7312B.JP 7312-B-JP
7312B.TVP 7312-B-TVP
7313B.JP 7313-B-JP
7313B.TVP 7313-B-TVP
7314B.JP 7314-B-JP
7314B.TVP 7314-B-TVP
7315B.JP 7315-B-JP
7315B.TVP 7315-B-TVP
7316B.JP 7316-B-JP
7316B.TVP 7316-B-TVP
7317B.JP 7317-B-JP
7317B.TVP 7317-B-TVP
7318B.JP 7318-B-JP
7318B.TVP 7318-B-TVP
7319B.JP 7319-B-JP
7319B.TVP 7319-B-TVP
7320B.JP 7320-B-JP
7320B.TVP 7320-B-TVP
7321B.MP 7321-B-MP
7322B.JP 7322-B-JP
7322B.TVP 7322-B-TVP
7324B.TVP 7324-B-TVP
7326B.TVP 7326-B-TVP
7328B.MP 7328-B-MP
7330B.MP 7330-B-MP
7332B.MP 7332-B-MP
7334B.MP 7334-B-MP
7602012TVP 7602012-TVP
7602015TVP 7602015-TVP
7602017TVP 7602017-TVP
7602020TVP 7602020-TVP
7602025TVP 7602025-TVP
7602030TVP 7602030-TVP
7602035TVP 7602035-TVP
7602040TVP 7602040-TVP
7602045TVP 7602045-TVP
7602050TVP 7602050-TVP
7602055TVP 7602055-TVP
7602060TVP 7602060-TVP
7602065TVP 7602065-TVP
7602070TVP 7602070-TVP
7602075TVP 7602075-TVP
7602080TVP 7602080-TVP
7602085TVP 7602085-TVP
7602090TVP 7602090-TVP
7602095TVP 7602095-TVP
7602100TVP 7602100-TVP
7603020TVP 7603020-TVP
7603025TVP 7603025-TVP
7603030TVP 7603030-TVP
7603035TVP 7603035-TVP
7603040TVP 7603040-TVP
7603045TVP 7603045-TVP
7603050TVP 7603050-TVP
7603055TVP 7603055-TVP
7603060TVP 7603060-TVP
7603065TVP 7603065-TVP
7603070TVP 7603070-TVP
7603075TVP 7603075-TVP
7603080TVP 7603080-TVP
7603085TVP 7603085-TVP
7603090TVP 7603090-TVP
7603095TVP 7603095-TVP
7603100TVP 7603100-TVP
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