7310BEPGAP 50*110*27mm Steel Ball Bearings Nylon Cage Single Row Angular Contact Ball Bearings

7310BEPGAP 50*110*27mm Steel Ball Bearings Nylon Cage Single Row Angular Contact Ball Bearings
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ID: 50mm
OD: 110mm
B: 27mm
Material: GCr15
Accuracy: P6 Or P5
Vibration: Z1V1 Or Z2V2
Contact Angle: 30 Or 40
Application: Air Compressor Or Elevator
High Light:

precision ball bearings


thin section angular contact bearings

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: MONTON
Certification: ISO9001
Model Number: 7310BEGAP
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: Singlebox
Delivery Time: 7-35 days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 10000PCS/WEEK
Product Description

Angular Contact Bearing for Air Compressor


Main advantage:

1)We supply the full dimension range 73 series bearings.We can supply from the 12mm to 170mm.

2)Our bearings quality can reach P5 or P4 accuracy according to the customer demands

3)Quality,the bearings are produced exact according to the ISO standard.

Main application:Air Compressor or crane or Elevator or other application

Material:High quality XingCheng material

Heat treatment:Aichelin heat treatment

Here below is the catalogue:



Bearing Model

d (mm) D (mm) B (mm)
7301-B-XL-JP 7301B-JP 12 37 12
7301-B-XL-TVP 7301B-TVP 12 37 12
7302-B-XL-JP 7302B-JP 15 42 13
7302-B-XL-MP 7302B-MP 15 42 13
7302-B-XL-TVP 7302B-TVP 15 42 13
7303-B-XL-JP 7303B-JP 17 47 14
7303-B-XL-TVP 7303B-TVP 17 47 14
7304-B-XL-JP 7304B-JP 20 52 15
7304-B-XL-MP 7304B-MP 20 52 15
7304-B-XL-TVP 7304B-TVP 20 52 15
7305-B-XL-JP 7305B-JP 25 62 17
7305-B-XL-MP 7305B-MP 25 62 17
7305-B-XL-TVP 7305B-TVP 25 62 17
7306-B-XL-JP 7306B-JP 30 72 19
7306-B-XL-MP 7306B-MP 30 72 19
7306-B-XL-TVP 7306B-TVP 30 72 19
7307-B-XL-JP 7307B-JP 35 80 21
7307-B-XL-MP 7307B-MP 35 80 21
7307-B-XL-TVP 7307B-TVP 35 80 21
7308-B-XL-JP 7308B-JP 40 90 23
7308-B-XL-MP 7308B-MP 40 90 23
7308-B-XL-TVP 7308B-TVP 40 90 23
7309-B-XL-JP 7309B-JP 45 100 25
7309-B-XL-MP 7309B-MP 45 100 25
7309-B-XL-TVP 7309B-TVP 45 100 25
7310-B-XL-JP 7310B-JP 50 110 27
7310-B-XL-MP 7310B-MP 50 110 27
7310-B-XL-TVP 7310B-TVP 50 110 27
7311-B-XL-JP 7311B-JP 55 120 29
7311-B-XL-MP 7311B-MP 55 120 29
7311-B-XL-TVP 7311B-TVP 55 120 29
7312-B-XL-JP 7312B-JP 60 130 31
7312-B-XL-MP 7312B-MP 60 130 31
7312-B-XL-TVP 7312B-TVP 60 130 31
7313-B-XL-JP 7313B-JP 65 140 33
7313-B-XL-MP 7313B-MP 65 140 33
7313-B-XL-TVP 7313B-TVP 65 140 33
7314-B-XL-JP 7314B-JP 70 150 35
7314-B-XL-MP 7314B-MP 70 150 35
7314-B-XL-TVP 7314B-TVP 70 150 35
7315-B-XL-JP 7315B-JP 75 160 37
7315-B-XL-MP 7315B-MP 75 160 37
7315-B-XL-TVP 7315B-TVP 75 160 37
7316-B-XL-JP 7316B-JP 80 170 39
7316-B-XL-MP 7316B-MP 80 170 39
7316-B-XL-TVP 7316B-TVP 80 170 39
7317-B-XL-JP 7317B-JP 85 180 41
7317-B-XL-MP 7317B-MP 85 180 41
7317-B-XL-TVP 7317B-TVP 85 180 41
7318-B-XL-JP 7318B-JP 90 190 43
7318-B-XL-MP 7318B-MP 90 190 43
7318-B-XL-TVP 7318B-TVP 90 190 43
7319-B-XL-JP 7319B-JP 95 200 45
7319-B-XL-MP 7319B-MP 95 200 45
7319-B-XL-TVP 7319B-TVP 95 200 45
7320-B-XL-JP 7320B-JP 100 215 47
7320-B-XL-MP 7320B-MP 100 215 47
7320-B-XL-TVP 7320B-TVP 100 215 47
7321-B-XL-MP 7321B-MP 105 225 49
7322-B-XL-JP 7322B-JP 110 240 50
7322-B-XL-MP 7322B-MP 110 240 50
7322-B-XL-TVP 7322B-TVP 110 240 50
7324-B-XL-MP 7324B-MP 120 260 55
7324-B-XL-TVP 7324B-TVP 120 260 55
7326-B-XL-MP 7326B-MP 130 280 58
7326-B-XL-TVP 7326B-TVP 130 280 58
7328-B-MP 7328B-MP 140 300 62
7330-B-MP 7330B-MP 150 320 65
7332-B-MP 7332B-MP 160 340 68
7334-B-MP 7334B-MP 170 360 72


Angular Contact Ball Bearing

Single row angular contact ball bearings can not only withstand radial load and axial load in one direction, but also accommodate only axial load in single direction, radial loads produce axial forces in these bearings that need to be balanced by counter forces.Therefore, the single row angular contact ball bearings often need to be installed with other bearings which withstand axial load in the opposite direction. In other words, the angular contact ball bearings are commonly used in pair, or in groups with three, four and even five bearings. Angular contact ball bearings have higher limiting speed.


The bearings codes designation:



The bearings matched ways as below :



The load lines in a pair of bearings by back to back assembly are enlarging from the bearing axis. It can bear axial load in two directions and relative larger moment because of larger angular rigidity.



The load lines in a pair of bearings by face to face assembly are convergence toward the bearing axis. It can bear axial load in two directions and smaller moment because of smaller angular rigidity.



A pair of bearings by series a ssembly only bear axial load in one direction, but it is able to

bear larger axial load related to DB and DF.



The tri-bearing matching TBT or TFT isobtained by increasing the same type of the bearing based on DB or DF There are higher axial and radial rigidity for TBT and TFT, so larger load can be supported.



The four bearing matching QBC (or QFC) is obtained by matching double set of DB (or DF) bearings. QBT (or QFT) is formed when three bearings are installed in a same direction and another one back (or face) to them.


Divide the five bearings into two groups of three and two bearings respectively, in which the bearings are all installed in the same direction, PBC is formed when the groups match each other by back to back and PFC by face to face. If four bearings are installed in the same direction and another one back (or face) to them, then PBT (or PFT) is formed.



1.MONTON Angular contact ball bearings performance and Characteristics.



The MONTON precision angular contact ball bearings for spindle, have four size series, 718,719,70 and 72. With the same inner diameter, but the outer diameter and the width of 718,719,70 and 72 series increase in turn.



Fig.1 Angular contact ball bearing dimension series

MONTON precision angular contact ball bearings with 15° (C) and 25° (AC) contact angles. As for the angular contact ball bearings, the bigger the contact angle is, the greater the axial load capacity is, but the lower the limiting speed of bearings becomes. Therefore, the spindle, with high speed and small axial load, should adopt the 15° angular contact ball bearings, whereas the 25° angular contact ball bearings should be adopted.

MONTON precision angular contact ball bearings with high-speed angular contact bearings (standard series), super high-speed angular contact ball bearings, high-speed sealed angular contact ball bearings and high-speed spindle bearings.


The inner ring, outer ring and rolling element of rolling bearing under normal operating conditions are made of high carbon chromium bearing steel, but the steel bearings cannot meet the requirements of such special conditions as high speed, wear-resisting, low temperature rising, long life and high reliability etc., then Si3N4 ceramics are believed to be present optimum rolling bearing materials to replace bearing steel.



Table 1. Main performance comparison between Si3N4 and bearing steel

Performance Code and unit Si3N4 Bearing steel
Density γ[g/mm3] 3.2 7.8
Coefficient of thermal expansion α[1/] 201000 3.2×10-6 -
20300 - 11.8×10-6
Modulus of elasticity E[N/mm2] 3.15×105 2.08×105
Poisson's ratio μ 0.26 0.3
Rigidity HV10 1700 700
Stress intensity σB[N/mm2] 20 700 2400
1000 700 0
Fracture toughness Kie[MN/m1.5] 7 25
Coefficient of heat conductivity λ[W/m] 3040 4050
Electrical resistivity [Ωmm2/m] 10171018 0.11

MONTON also offers widely used hybrid angular contact ball bearings for spindles in high-speed precision machine tools and other high-speed precision machines, that is, the inner and outer rings are made of high-quality bearing steel materials, while the rolling element is made of Si3N4 ceramics.

Compared to the angular contact ball bearings made of steel, hybrid angular contact ball bearings with the same structure and size have high speed, high stiffness, low friction heat, and long life etc.

MONTON precision hybrid bearings with ceramic ball (HQ1) can significantly improve the speed, rigidity, reliability, and productivity of machine tools, and greatly reduce the friction heat, then extend the service life of host machine etc.







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