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Minimum Order Quantity : 1PCS Price : USD
Packaging Details : Single box/Wooden case Delivery Time : 7-35 days
Supply Ability : 1000PCS/WEEK
Place of Origin: Luoyang Brand Name: MONTON
Model Number: 65UZS418T2x-SX

Product Description


65UZS418T2x-SX 0

A kind of double eccentric double row tapered roller bearing;Cylindrical roller a monolayer of raceway small clearance or negative clearance of cylindrical roller bearing, mainly installed in the printer on both sides of the plate cylinder and the impression cylinder;
Another for double raceway with negative clearance and eccentric cylindrical roller bearing units, installed on the printing machine on both sides of the rubber roller.Hollow cylindrical roller bearing because of its special structure, the vibration absorbing ability compared with the conventional rolling bearing, precision long life and overload protection function.


Normally used imported eccentric bearing models reference :

60906YRX 60908-15YSX 60908-15YSX 60917YSX 60921YSX 6092529YSX 60935YSX 60943YSX 60951YSX 60959YSX 60971YSX 60987YSX 609119YSX

6100608YRX 61011-15YRS 61017YSX 61021YRS 6102529YRS 61035YRS 61043YRS 61051YRS 61059YRS 61071YRS 61071YRS 61087YRS 610119YSX

612608YRS 6121317YSX 6121115YSX 61221YRX 6122529YSX 61235YRX 61243YSX 612519YSX 6125159YSX 6127187YSX

61406-11YSX 61413-17YSX 6142125YSX 6142935YSX 61443-59YSX 6147187YSX

6160608YRS2 61611-15YSX 61617-25YSX 6162935YSX 6164351YSX 61659YSX 61671YRX2 61687YSX


NTN eccentric bearing KOYO eccentric bearing HI eccentric bearing Trans eccentric bearing
19UZS208 22UZ2111115T2 PX1 130712201 TRANS61059
19UZS208T2 22UZ221143T2 PX1 150712201 TRANS60959
20UZS80 22UZ2112529T2 PX1 180712201 TRANS61071
20UZS80T2 22UZ2117187T2 PX1 200712201 TRANS61087
22UZ21117T2 22UZ411 5159T2X-EX 250712201 TRANS6110608
22UZ21111T2 PX1 22UZ411 7187T2X-EX 300712201 TRANS6111115
22UZ8311 22UZ7187 350712201 TRANS6111317
22UZ831729 25UZ414 43-59T2X-EX 45712202 TRANS61121
22UZ831729T2 25UZ61413-17T2 50712202 TRANS6112529
25UZ417 25UZ61406-11T2 70712202 TRANS61135
25UZ459 25UZ852125/417T2S 75712202 TRANS61143
25UZ487 25UZ852935T2 80712202 TRANS6115159
25UZ850611 25UZ857187T2S 100712202 TRANS6117187
25UZ8506-11T2 35UZ8617-25T2S 130712202 TRANS61406-11
25UZ8513-17T2 35UZ862935T2 150712202 TRANS61413-17
25UZ854359 H-33UZSF25T2S 180712202 TRANS6142125
25UZ854359T2 H-37UZSF25T2S 200712202 TRANS6142935
25UZ8587 60UZS417T2-SX 250712202 TRANS61443-59
35UZ611 60UZS417T2X-SX 300712202 TRANS6147187
35UZ860608T2 60UZS87T2 RC 350712202 TRANS61513-17
35UZ862935 65UZS418T2-SX 150712202K TRANS6160608


15UZ21006T2 15UZ210119T2 15UZ21017T2
15UZ21021T2 15UZ2102529T2 15UZ21035T2
15UZ21043T2 15UZ21051T2 15UZ21059T2
15UZ21071T2 15UZ2108-15T2 15UZ21087T2
15UZ8211T2 15UZ8217AT2 15UZ8229T2
15UZ8235T2 15UZ824359T2 15UZ8287T2
15UZE20906T2 15UZE20908-15T2 15UZE209119T2
15UZE20917T2 15UZE20921T2 15UZE2092529T2
15UZE20935T2 15UZE20935T2 15UZE20943T2
15UZE20951/814359T2 15UZE20951T2 15UZE20959T2
15UZE20971/8187T2 15UZE20971T2 15UZE20987T2
15UZE8111T2 15UZE8117T2 15UZE8129T2
15UZE8135T2 19UZS208T2 22UZ2110608T
25UZ8506-11T2S 25UZ851317T2 25UZ8513-17T2
25UZ8513-17T2S 25UZ852125/417T2 25UZ852125/417T2S
25UZ852935T2 25UZ854359T2 25UZ8543-59T2
25UZ8543-59T2S 25UZ857187T2 25UZ857187T2S
35UZ860608T2 35UZ860608T2S 35UZ86111315T2
35UZ8611-15T2S 35UZ86172125T2 35UZ8617-25T2S
35UZ862935T2 35UZ8629-35T2S 35UZ864351T2
35UZ8643-51T2S 35UZ8659T2 35UZ8659T2
35UZ8671/659T2 35UZ8671/659T2S 35UZ8687T2
35UZ8687T2S 60UZS87T2 60UZS87V
65UZS88T2 85UZS22085UZS89 85UZS89T2

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