How to find the center of the coupling is installed?

July 12, 2017

Latest company news about How to find the center of the coupling is installed?

According to the principle of looking for the center, after the usual precautions for feeler gauge, dial indicator, bridge and other measuring tools and measuring compliance in the use of data recording and calculation procedures described do, and based on the measurement results, making the center of the state diagram, then to make a correct and accurate adjustment of the wheel to ensure the accuracy of the two shafts connected. Coupling installation is to make a rotor shaft centerline curve for the continuation of the centerline of the rotor shaft to another, so be sure to keep the centerline of the two coincide, that the outer surface of the two pairs of concentric wheels and two pairs of wheels binding surface (end) parallel. Therefore, when the coupling is installed, you must find the center.

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