XU050077 40*112*22mm Cross Roller Bearing High Percison Bearing

XU050077 40*112*22mm Cross Roller Bearing High Percison Bearing
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Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: Luoyang
Brand Name: MONTON
Certification: ISO9001
Model Number: XU050077
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Packaging Details: Single box/Wooden case
Delivery Time: 7-35 days
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 1000PCS/WEEK
Product Description


XU050077 40*112*22mm Cross Roller Bearing High Percison Bearing 0


Identification number Main dimensions Basic load rating(axial) Basic load rating(radial) weight
inner ring outer ring Roller pitch circle diameter dp width φLa na φLi ni Ca C0a Cr Cor Kg
d D (mm)   KN KN KN KN
(mm) (mm)   B (mm)        
XU050077 40 112 77 22 97 6-φ6.6 56 6-M8 22.4 29 14.3 14.2 1.4































XU series crossed roller bearings structure:
1.crossed roller bearing without gear teeth
2.cylindrical rollers to DIN 5402, spacers made from plastic
3.lubrication nipple on the circumference of the outer ring
4.rolling element pitch circle diameter
5.from 77 mm to 515 mm


Design solution
The bearing arrangements of the carousel and containers are based on a four point contact bearing of series VLU 20.
The slewing ring is designed such that the three bearing positions in the machine can be fitted with the same bearing.
The bearing arrangement:
■ allows the required centre clearance
■ allows high circumferential speeds (3,5 m/s)
■ is easy to fit and cost-effective.
The bearings can support axial, radial and tilting moment loads and the bearings on the containers can also support
the resulting centrifugal forces. The maximum operating temperature is +140 °C.
The particular features of the bearings are:
■ ground raceways
■ guidance of the rolling elements by a brass strip cage
■ optimised surface quality in the bearing gap
■ lubrication with lithium complex grease
■ FPM seals resistant to high temperatures.
Crossed roller bearings
■ are units comprising outer rings, inner rings, rolling elements (cylindrical rollers) and spacers – depending on the series, the inner ring or outer ring is unsplit or is split in a circumferential direction
■ can, due to the X arrangement of the rolling elements, support axial loads from both directions as well as radial loads, tilting moment loads and any combination of loads by means of a single bearing position – this allows designs with two bearing positions to be reduced to a single bearing position
■ have high rigidity and very high running accuracy
■ are preloaded and, with grease lubrication, are suitable for circumferential speeds up to – 2 m/s (n · DM = 38 200)
■ are greased but can alternatively be lubricated with oil
■ are particularly easy to fit
■ are also available in a corrosion-resistant design with the INA special plating Corrotect.
Crossed roller bearings SX
■ have standard clearance or are preloaded
■ are located in the adjacent construction by means of
clamping rings
■ are suitable, with standard clearance, for circumferential speeds:
– with oil lubrication up to 8 m/s (n · DM = 152 800)
– with grease lubrication up to 4 m/s (n · DM = 76 400)
■ are preloaded and suitable, with oil lubrication, for circumferential speeds up to – 4 m/s (n · DM = 76 400).

Crossed roller bearings XSU
■ are preloaded
■ are screw mounted by means of the bearing rings directly to the adjacent construction.

Crossed roller bearings XV
■ are screw mounted by means of the outer ring to the adjacent construction – the inner ring is located by means of a locknut
■ can be adjusted very precisely to give a specific clearance or preload by means of the locknut.

Series Of Cross Roller Bearings:


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German cross roller bearings SX Series models :
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IKO Crossed Roller Bearing CRB series models :
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IKO Crossed Roller Bearings CRBH series models:
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XU050077 40*112*22mm Cross Roller Bearing High Percison Bearing 1

XU050077 40*112*22mm Cross Roller Bearing High Percison Bearing 2

XU050077 40*112*22mm Cross Roller Bearing High Percison Bearing 3

XU050077 40*112*22mm Cross Roller Bearing High Percison Bearing 4

XU050077 40*112*22mm Cross Roller Bearing High Percison Bearing 5


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